Wednesday, May 27, 2009

life without a laptop

so my laptop power supply blew up. this was really not good, as my primary (read “only”) means of communication is over the web. I walked down the main retail drag, in search of electronics stores. each one I stopped in I repeated the same act: first presented my power supply, pointing, then doing a shrug to indicate that I was asking a question about it. each time they said “ah-ni-yo”, which means no. finally, one of the store clerks told me to wait and he called someone. apparently he knew of a place that he thought might have power supplies so he wrote something in Korean on a slip of paper and told me to give it to a cab driver. I hopped in cab, gave the driver my paper, and off we went. this process was repeated for a few more stores. all-in-all I saw a most of the city by cab. my last stop was at a pro audio store which was able to provide me with my power supply. this whole process took four days.

what did I do in the meantime? I studied korean, which was good. I read, which was also good. and in the remaining time I watched korean television. I watched some indigenous programming, but after a hour or so of not understanding what is being said most of the charm wears off. fortunately there is a lot of american programming. and what programming was there to be watched, you are asking yourself? smallville. yes the teen drama about superman. I watched hours and hours of smallville. I have no idea why it was on at all, let alone hours on end. but I watched it. and it was glorious.

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  1. I am hoping you had never enjoyed Smallville prior to this. Please??