Monday, May 4, 2009

big kid clothes

I’ve been in the working world for a handful of years now. I’ve been in plenty of meetings, and wore plenty of ties. but this was all in the audio industry. even in corporate A/V things are more “rock and roll” than 99% of other work environments one could imagine. this allows a lot of personal accessory and wardrobe choices that would not fly in other settings. for a time I would call on massive houses of worship and lab coat clad acoustic consultants with my long hair, 5 o’clock shadow, and pierced ears raising nary an eyebrow. Converse All-Stars and AC/DC T-shirts were considered acceptable, if not the preferred, work attire. but as I prepare to leave the world of rock and roll to teach I have had to break from my past. I spent the weekend updating my work wardrobe, tossing out old ties, getting new ones, quadrupling my count of shirts and pants, and tipping the scale in favor of dress socks over conventional.

I once read an article in Maxim (which we all know to be a font of wisdom) that said something to the effect of that one knows that they are a true adult once they have thrown out the last T-shirt they wore during college. well I’m one faded Cars shirt away from the old folks home.

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