Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a photo tour of my apartment

here is a photo tour of my apartment. it is only four photos as my apartment isn’t all that big. the photos run counter clockwise


desk area, TV, mysterious rack whose purpose I have yet to figure out


from right to left: mystery rack, two burner stove, sink, refrigerator, clothes washer (in the corner), bed. the main area is separated from the kitchen/washing area by a sliding glass door, presumably to isolate the sounds and smells of cooking and cleaning. the windows above the kitchen area look out over the neighborhood.


my bed (with Timbuk 2 bag). the bed is actually really comfortable. despite the fact that everything in my place is small and efficient this bed is longer than a full sized. it’s firmer than my mattress home (roughly between the firmness of a boxspring and a mattress) and I have been waking up with my back feeling great. this bed rocks.


the bathroom, basically a little square where the whole thing is the shower. the floor has a slight pitch to it and a drain on one end (seen under the sink). all surfaces are tile or some other waterproof material so that you may use a shower wand while just standing in the middle of the room. this actually works really, really well. my bathroom takes up way less space and has a larger effective shower area.


  1. Wow, that's really nice. I'm surprised at Koreans. Did they stock your refrigerator full of Coke? Maybe? By any chance?

    You are awesome for posting this, by the way. This is the longest I've kept up with a blog. Well...actually any other blog I've read was for a grade. I'm acing this one!

    I cannot believe you are there all by your little self! Aww! I would cry myself to sleep! I am so mentally with you! I can even see the Emart sign in my head! That's how with you I am.

  2. What do you do with toilet paper in the restroom/shower?

  3. the toilet paper has a special little metal roof/shield. they are brilliant!