Wednesday, May 20, 2009

to silence my critics (i.e. jessica)

the week has been very busy so far. I have begun teaching on my own (although I am still monitored and given feedback by the teacher that I am replacing). the kids are generally good natured and easy to deal with. many are very eager to participate, but others seem wore out. korean children have so much on their plate, especially at my school, which is an advanced academy that is hard to get into and expensive to attend. the stress can be seen on the faces of many of the kids, and it can be tough knowing that you are adding to it. such is life I guess.

I’ve had a great time hanging out with my fellow teachers. I typically use the day before I go to school to tend to my affairs (laundry, the bank, etc) and the time after school to go out for food and drinks. last night I attended an open mic night with a teacher from another school and I plan to go back next week with my guitar and some songs ready to play. this should give me a good reason to finish up a couple of songs that I have in the works.

in other news, I submitted the last paperwork in the process to get my alien registration card. my medical examination came through clean, which is nice.

now to wash some clothes and mold some minds.

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  1. Hey! How's it going there? Looks like you've already made a bunch of friends but no surprise there. You've also found the alcohol in Korea, no surprise there! How old are the students you are teaching? How is that going? I remember starting to teach and how nervous I was to be with them all day- and I had already worked in a school for 5 years before I did that. Glad you're doing well!