Sunday, March 22, 2009


I began packing on Friday. as I wont be leaving for more than I month I am beginning with non-essentials which, as it turns out, is a seemingly inappropriate name for them. this first round included boxes of old photos, school work, scraps of songs, love notes, and newspaper clippings. the goal is to keep only that which will be of some value later, requiring a careful appraisal of something’s historical, professional, and personal significance. this is a deceivingly difficult process. what gigs are worth remembering? which high school sweethearts mementos ought to be preserved? set lists from bands longs gone?

I have succeeded in condensing seven years of personal and professional experiences into on 24 inch by 24 inch box. this includes the notebooks from key classes from both my University of Washington and Art Institute of Seattle school runs (who knows when I may want to reference John Mercer’s International Conflict lectures in the future?), flyers, stickers, CDs and buttons from my most significant bands including The Fabtones, The Bad Habits, Cranson Street Kids, Garvey Switch, Robots vs Humans, and Etherin Wright, and random letters of reference and laminated badges from Olympic College, McCauley Sound, Sound Engineering Audio, and my freelance work. so there it is: a two foot cube containing all of the experiences, skills, and knowledge of a young man’s life. perhaps I should put it in a bigger box.

Friday, March 20, 2009

open for business

here it is, in all of its glory… my blog. this shall be the forum in which I will chronicle my impending journey and associated life deconstruction and reconstruction.