Thursday, May 14, 2009

first night out

I went with about fifteen coworkers last night to a makkoli place after work. makkoli is a milky rice wine that is served in big teapot-ish conveyances and has roughly the same potency as wine. these pots are landed along the table and people pour drinks for each other, all the while the restaurant/bar staff keep a steady stream of food coming (which is free with the drinks). each one of these pots costs about 12,000 won (around $9). so just imagine buying a bottle of wine or a pitcher of beer for $9 then getting all of the bar food that you could possibly consume along with it. the side dishes started off pretty conventional and got progressively more “extreme”, with the high point pictured below. this is a live octopus that has been marinated to some degree, that when delivered to the table is still alive and moving around. the waitress then takes kitchen scissors and cuts its legs off one by one, which then continue to wriggle around for about a half hour or so. if you eat the legs while they are still really fresh the little suction cups will grab on to stuff in your mouth. I ate everything else at the table but opted out on this.




  1. Gosh, Ryan...that's pretty spectacular. And you were afraid, you'd miss UT...

  2. Ahhhh, first night out in a Strange Asian country.... Nothing like it!

    You will do well there my friend! I guarantee that you will have some of the best food EVUUR while there.


  3. Wow, that's really gross. But the free food is awesome!