Wednesday, April 1, 2009

to Vermont!

I am taking off this weekend to visit a good friend in Vermont. This is a highly anticipated trip, as I have not seen him since the holidays and will not see him again until I return (which may be a  moot point, as it is doubtful that I’ll survive this trip to go on to my next).

The past few weeks and the next month have been and will continue to be consumed with tying up loose ends and spending time with friends and family. I spent last weekend at the ocean cabin of my friend/teacher/former employer David Bishop. With no cell phone service, internet access, or cable television it was a much needed forced sensory depravation. I could no obsessively monitor the New York Times with CNN on in the background while reading the Economist. The world was far, far away and wholly irrelevant, at least for the weekend. The Etherin Wright EP is coming together, with the last song being mixed now, which is a relief as I began to have serious concerns about whether this project would ever get done, let alone before my departure.

In other news, my buddy Ed has offered to pay for the tattoo that I’ve been thinking of getting for the last three years, as a means to prod me forward in the process. So I guess I’m going to have to do it.

Now to Vermont. Good luck and good night.

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