Monday, April 27, 2009

saying goodbyes

last night was my going away party. it was really a super-combo party, falling just a day after my birthday and featuring the record release performance of my band. with all of these stars aligning as such it was pretty fantastic. there was a good turnout and and good energy about the whole thing. lauren and mallory organized a roast of me, which featured plenty of digs that made people squirm in their seats.

the next two weeks are rapidly filling up with farewell dates. lunch with this person, dinner with that, all for the express purpose of hanging out one last time before I go. I am glad to see all of these folks, but it is a very taxing process. each one of these meetings is features a full-on emote fest of farewells, which cumulatively take a toll on a guy. I guess the alternative is no good either, but there are moments where just disappearing into the sunset has some appeal.

now to continue the packing and archiving of my life.

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