Monday, April 6, 2009


I’m sitting at some super-deluxe laptop charging station in the Hartford, CT airport waiting for my flight back home thinking about the last few days. much of the time was spent doing the typical things one does while visiting old friends. but this trip had a new dynamic that had not been present in previous outings. Brandon planned a daytrip to Boston for him and I and his girlfriend Stephanie, with surprise guest Kyle and Stephanie (Kramer, too many Stephanies). this was, although a lot of fun, not the thing of note. what I have taken away from this is that the great “coupling” has begun. this is a phenomena that is experienced by all passing through their twenties and approaching their thirties, so I needn’t go in to great detail. suffice it to say that an ever increasing number of my contemporaries are married or in relationships where that is a very real possibility. I am not pointing this out in any kind of alarmist fashion, prodding myself into a fearful, desperate grasping for that which it is to be single. this is a neutral development, but a development which is worth taking note of.

I can remember my old man predicting the romantic futures of my friends. so far he his predictions have been overwhelmingly correct. those who he said would marry young have married young. those who he said would divorce nearly as young have divorced. those who he said would remain single are still single. unfortunately, his powers of precognition are unable to see through the fog to my future, so we shall see.

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