Monday, September 7, 2009

cutting bait on Korean

A wise man knows when to fish and when to cut bait.

I have studied Korean for three months. This has been done through weekly lessons with a Korean friend who teaches and is obviously augmented by the fact that I am immersed in Korea. All that being said, I have but the most meager mastery of phrasebook Korean. True, I can read, but that does not by any stretch of the imagination equal comprehension. My friends who have been here eleven months and have studied the hardest have an extremely limited use of the language which, to my appraisal, is only only slightly above that of a developmentally disabled Korean toddler.

So, I have arrived to the conclusion that now that I have a some basic survival Korean skills I ought to walk away. And what to do with the free time you ask? Well, I am already studying hard for the GMAT, but Korean was taking up a sizeable chunk of time as well. I have decided to try to revive what little French I learned and to attempt to build on it. I am planning to Eurotrip my way home, with France being a principle target. I have recruited a coconspirator in this project in one of my fellow teachers, which should help in that it will provide a degree of accountability and someone to practice with.

Yes, I am doing the only obvious thing to do while in Korea: learning French.

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  1. I'm happy to see you're making logical decisions while in Korea. Like learning French. In Korea. Yea. Oh, by the way, also listening to Dinosaur Jr. and reading Kavalier and Clay.